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  • "In attending a Permaculture Institute PDC, Scott and Jason’s relatability, experience, and teaching skills exceeded my expectations. Given my role as a university professor, credibility is extremely important. Scott and Jason empowered me with the skills to lead our university’s permaculture initiative, and I continue to consult with Jason to this day."

    Dr. Roslynn McCann, 2015 PDC Student
  • "I enjoyed the privilege of taking Permaculture Institute's PDC in Costa Rica. Our teachers, Scott and Jason are living legends, they don't just teach permaculture, but live it everyday. They were not only able to impart their great wisdom and experience to us, but also their incredible passion for caring for the Earth and its people. I want to take it again!"

    George Bovell, 2017 PDC Student
  • "Obtaining my education and community service diploma was a gratifying experience. I’ll never forget my first meeting when Jason said his number one goal, as my mentor, was my success!  How often do we hear that? As a result of Permaculture Institute’s diploma program, I was able to create and accomplish a meaningful program especially tailored to my dreams and aspirations."

    Cindy Dixon, 2016 Diplomate
  • "Permaculture Institute recognizes a concept of education that is integrative into everyday experience and its instructors exemplify this effort to teach the process of learning in tandem with specific strategies and applications. One leaves a PI classroom a better student and a better teacher."

    Jeremy Lynch, 2015 PDC Student

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