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Continuing Education

Now that you’ve finished your Permaculture Design Certificate Course, what’s next?

For those who want to deepen their understanding and experience of permaculture practice either for personal benefit or as a livelihood, we recommend taking these next steps on your journey. For those wanting to become a permaculture professional, these steps are essential.

  • Frame your certificate. It welcomes you into the permaculture community and is an accomplishment.
  •  Join a permaculture guild, or a group that works in fields of caring for earth and people (Transition Movement, Radical Homemakers, Urban Gardeners, Watershed).
  • Visit permaculture sites, organic farmers, and anyone practicing what seems related.  Locate your local time bank, food bank, school garden, food/harvest swap, Earth Day organizers. Volunteer to help out with events or workshops, or on-going work at local permaculture sites.
  • Identify 10 books and 10 films related to permaculture you’d like to devour in the next year or two.
  • Begin to practice in your own life. Continuing practicing is your main focus.
  • Stay in touch and informed through list servs, Permaculture Activist magazine, or your regional permaculture organization. Explore Permaculture Credit Union for some of your financial needs.
  •  Organize Perma-blitz gatherings. If there are other practitioners or students in your region, work at each person’s house to increase your skills. Learn hands-on and in community as much as possible.
  • Volunteer to help with any upcoming classes, courses or workshops related to permaculture, especially if you are drawn to teaching. Intern for a summer or period of months at a permaculture site or an organic farm or related non-profit in your region or even abroad. Keep track of dates, location, hours, and leaders/teachers.
  • Once you’ve been learning and practicing for one year, and when you feel ready –  take the next step in permaculture education.

If you wish to get support in furthering your learning, consider a full Diploma of Permaculture Design. Be ready to supply documentation of your work and continuing education so far (your portfolio).