Step into a leadership role as a Permaculturist. Get experience teaching in front of the legendary Scott Pittman and steep in the beginnings of Permaculture, as well as its future.

Tuition: $950, includes meals and rustic lodging. Registration will open when dates and location are published.

All fees are in USD. Fees include class instruction and activities, meals, and rustic lodging. Attendees are responsible for all their own transportation costs.

Final payment is due one month prior to class start date.


Total course payment is due one month before the start of the class. If you are hearing about this class within a month from start date please contact us to plan your registration.


Submit answers to the questions on the Course Application so our instructors can learn about your background. Please wait to submit payment until your application has been approved.


Your payment and essay is your registration. Cancellation less than one month prior to the start of class will be refunded only if we find another participant to take your spot. In the event that Permaculture Institute needs to cancel the class, all students will be refunded all registration fees. Once the class begins, no refunds will be issued, excepting circumstances with extended medical emergencies.


Full attendance is expected by each participant. In regards to conduct, participants are required to behave within the legal parameters of the host country/state, and are asked to arrive to each class on-time with a clear mind and open heart. Instructors reserve the right to ask a participant to leave without refund if they prove to be disruptive, abusive, or unstable to the point of being harmful to oneself or the class as a whole, at the instructors discretion.


The instructor and class members in this course will strive to support an inclusive learning community, respecting those of all backgrounds and beliefs. As a community, we aim to be respectful and kind to all people regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, age, veteran status, ability, immigration or economic status, gender or sexual orientation, and dietary choices.

Permaculture Institute is a federally recognized non-profit educational organization located in the USA.

Registering for this course signifies agreement to the above policies and terms. If you have questions or concerns feel absolutely free to contact us.

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