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Permaculture Demonstration Site

Where do you begin your own permaculture journey?

Permaculture is something we use to tell us what to do.

Take a virtual tour of our own permaculture demonstration site by following links below to see how we traveled on the path of permaculture homestead design and evolution – visit our garden, food forest, permaculture house, wetlands restoration project, backyard grazers and browsers, heirloom poultry yard and get inspired and informed. Our blog is also here at your fingertips, with its share of stories and ideas.

Permaculture Institute home is at Lots of Life in One Place farm outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Contact us to schedule a tour, or come for one of our seasonal volunteer days. Feel free to cross-reference information from our demonstration site to Permaculture Resources (links to your right) to see how it all works – in theory and in practice.

Our farm is a private land-holding, open to private and public tours – by appointment or announcement only. The farm is not open to drop-in visitors. We offer semi-regular tours featuring a showcase of perennial poly-culture plantings, food forests, homestead gardens, backyard animals, co-housing community setting, natural home design, restored wildlife habitat, wetlands and much more.

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After years of building soil, growing shade and biomass, increasing biodiversity, incorporating animals, working with sun, wind, water, drainage and Mother Nature – we have a lot to show and inspire work of others.

Fruit trees bloom, native and honey bees, medley of medicinal herbs, milk goats, heirloom chickens and turkeys, a gang of loud guinea fowl, a restored wetlands teeming with fish, dragonflies, bugs and native waterfowl; rich gardens, pastures and orchards surround our natural home with its cutting edge energy and water management design. It is truly beautiful and rewarding to be alive in a permaculture oasis!

With the abundance comes food processing, sharing of surplus, recycling of nutrients, teaching and learning new aspects of permaculture life style. Click on photos below to read more.

To inquire about a tour, contact us. Tours are 3-4 hours long and fees are charged.