The Peoples Diploma

The Peoples Diploma is a form of continuing education after the Permaculture Design Course (PDC). The PDC can be truly life changing—the Diploma helps students activate themselves post-PDC while providing a structure to support their work.

This participant-driven program is designed for self-motivated learners who want to choose their own texts, site visits, design projects, and teachers to learn with, while being guided by a structure to complete their work. Participants create their own learning design in consultation with our staff, allowing them to apply permaculture to their own passions. Check-in’s with our staff provide resources and direction for helping participants stay on course.

The Peoples Diploma emphasizes contribution to the human and ecological community and is open to those working to create change after completing a PDC.

Significance of the Diploma

Choosing to pursue The Peoples Diploma self-certifies that you are committed to consciously designing regenerative patterns for life, land, and community. The Permaculture Institute is here to provide structure, support, and recognition on that journey.

Receiving The Peoples Diploma signifies that the recipient has:

  • set in motion a practice of regenerative and ecological design
  • demonstrated commitment to permaculture ethics
  • documented a period of study and deep engagement for 2 1/2 or more years
  • had their portfolio of work evaluated by the Permaculture Institute
  • shared their work through online and/or in-print publications

Who is The Peoples Diploma for?

Aspiring teachers of eco-education, sustainability, or permaculture

Motivated PDC graduates who would like to put their inspiration to work

Aspiring permaculture designers

Land managers who want professional support as they work on their projects

Experienced practitioners who would like to take their practice to the next level

Those looking to apply systems thinking and ecological principles to their life

Benefits of the Diploma

  • Can be done wherever you live by email/video conferencing/phone/or even mail
  • Gain profound knowledge/skill/and experience
  • Develop a network in your own community
  • Student status recognized with the Permaculture Institute student card for use where such ID cards bring benefit
  • Publication opportunities on the Permaculture Institute blog
  • Expertise/advice/networking with our seasoned staff

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