Required Accomplishments for the Diploma

  • Applicant must have completed an approved Permaculture Design Course to apply
  • Mentorship program must last minimum of 2 ½ years
  • Applicants wanting to become certified teachers must declare the field of Education at the application stage


Student must attend at least two reputable permaculture design certificate courses taught by different instructors/teams of instructors. At least one course needs to be residential (as opposed to online). And, at least one certificate must be from a Diplomate of Permaculture Institute or another reputable institute.


Student must develop a portfolio documenting at least 5 different permaculture designs demonstrating use of ethics, principles, design methods, strategies, and techniques as follows:

  • 1 full property land-based site design with implementation
  • 1 partial property land-based site design with implementation
  • 1 design with a broader community impact component
  • 1 non-land-based design with implementation
  • Other design project of student's choosing

Fields of Practical Experience

Additional mentored education and work over the course of 2 ½ years minimum in the following Fields of Practical Experience of student’s choice:

  • Education
  • Site Development
  • Architecture and Building
  • Economics and Business
  • Human Rights
  • Childhood Education
  • Appropriate Technology
  • Ecological Conservation
  • Governance and Legal Systems
  • Arts and Media
  • Community Service
  • Research

See Fields of Practical Experience for more info.

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