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Permaculture Diploma

Sopris RainbowPermaculture Diploma Update:

We are deeply honored to congratulate US, Canada and South America based permaculture practitioners whose work and contribution to the permaculture movement is recognized through grandfathering of the permaculture diploma.

This process was initiated and carried through by the Permaculture Institute Diploma team. This is an effort to form a College of Diplomats, a professional organization that will concern itself with the establishment of professional practice standards, protecting the integrity of the movement, of creating professional accountability and cohesion between teachers, designers and practitioners.

The Permaculture Diploma is issued to the individuals listed as recognition of their service of expanding permaculture thought, growing the movement, deepening research and understanding of sustainable and ecological design, and for pioneering practices, approaches and concepts for the common good. Practitioners and teachers of permaculture are encouraged to apply for their diplomas by submitting their work and achievements for peer review, as set forth in the permaculture diploma guidelines.

The Permaculture Institute is now in its third year of laying the framework for issuing diplomas for both North and South Americas – a framework that we hope will adequately meet the demands of the modern world, the realities of the Western Hemisphere, the pressures to commercialize permaculture and other challenges that we face.