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Food Forest

Food Forests are wonderfully productive ecosystems, small or large in scale. Food forests are designed to meet needs of the particular family or community – as well as to produce habitat, be of benefit to wildlife, increase ecological resilience and create abundance.

Food forests mimic the architecture and beneficial relationships between plants and animals found in a natural forest or other natural ecosystem. Food forests are not “natural”, but are designed and managed ecosystems (typically, complex perennial polyculture plantings) that are very rich in biodiversity and productivity.

Guilds are a combination of plants, animals, insects, fungi, and even people. Guilds can be found in healthy ecosystems, and can be designed and planted to make your food forest, garden, pasture, woodlot, or community healthier and more productive.

Each guild participant contributes something valuable to the entire composition. For example, most plants need nitrogen, phosphorus, other nutrients, and pest control for healthy growth. By combining food plants with nitrogen fixing plants, nutrient accumulators, and beneficial insect attractors, one can design and build a thriving edible ecosystem that reduces work and inputs on behalf of the gardener.

Read more about our own demonstration site, and about our Food Forest here.

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