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Gardens: Permaculture Approach

Ready to introduce permaculture concepts into your garden?

Gardens are often the first step for permaculture applications at home, with focus on growing your own food, protecting biodiversity and seed sovereignty, encouraging wildlife habitat and native pollinators, building soil fertility and, ultimately, imbuing your own home and community with the gifts of good land.

Permaculture teaches us to see life in the soil as the main focus of gardening – with good soil comes nutritious food. With good soil begins water conservation, nutrient cycling, biodiversity of lifeforms and ecological resiliency/ stability. Permaculture works with plants that support beneficial insects who in their larval stages predate on garden pests and in their adult stage need host plants for nectar and protection. Only non-hybrid,  open-pollinated and heirloom seeds are seen in permaculture gardens, where food/seed security and genetic diversity are of main concern to the land stewards.

Permaculture gardens are beyond-organic in their dedication to life-promoting practices and building of soil fertility using natural methods. Such gardens become more, not less, productive, with age. The resources of soil, water, health and diversity are not depleted by use, but are increased.

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Below are links to the past issues of the Permacuture Drylands Magazine – Sustainable Living in Drylands (1986-1996) on the subject of Gardening, Soils and Plants.  Please keep in mind that all articles reflect the values of the authors and illustrators, as well as the time periods in which they were written.

Enriching Soil Through Cover Cropping by Kate Tieman

From Organic Gardening to Do Nothing Gardening by Dan Dorsey

Keyholes for Dryland Gardens by Vicki Marvick

Sheet Mulching Strategy for Healthy Soil by Cathe’ Fish

Use Microclimates for Frost Protection by Joel Glanzberg and Ben Haggard

Starting Small by Ben Haggard

Grow More by Paying Attention to Microclimates by Joel Glanzberg

Finding the Hidden Garden by Gary Paul Nabhan

Mushrooms in Drylands by Tammy Davis

Using Edible Flowers by Ben Haggard