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Landscape Regeneration

In all ecosystems around the world, on small and large scale, permaculture designers are faced with landscape degradation and the need for restorative and regenerative efforts to return land to its former health. Permaculture addresses the health of watersheds, as well as broadscale land restoration and regeneration to revert desertification, loss of biodiversity, and soil erosion. Reversing the process of landscape degradation and pollution, permaculture design strategies repair watersheds, purify water, reduce flood danger, slow or abate erosion, and increase water availability. More often than not, the ability to accomplish these lofty goals lies in the patterns of the watershed itself. In permaculture we say,”the problem is the solution”, and in degraded watersheds the problem is erosion, which often exposes bare rock. This bare rock becomes a resource, used as the solution to halt erosion, increase infiltration, and reestablish vegetation, leading to clear flowing water once again. With vegetation return other life forms and land begins its own restoration process.

Below are links to the past issues of the Permacuture Drylands Magazine – Sustainable Living in Drylands (1986-1996) on the subject of Broadscale Restoration.  Please keep in mind that all articles reflect the values of the authors and illustrators, as well as the time periods in which they were written.

Water Harvesting Traditions in the Desert Southwest by Joel Glanzberg

Gabions A Reclamation Tool by Tim Murphy

Microphytic Crusts Topsoil of the Desert by Jayne Belnap

Restoring the Sonoran Desert at Barnes Butte Bajada by Gary Paul Nabhan and David Valenciano

Revitalizing Barren Ground A Succession Model by Tim Murphy

Sand Dune Stabilization by Carl Wachtmeister

Sponge Ladders by Chris Meuli

Use Imprinting To Reverse Desertification by Jean Eisenhower

Forest Management in Permaculture How Far Are We From Home by Jan Willem Jansens

The Bunyip Demystified by Tim Murphy

Build Sand Tanks for Dry Land Water Storage by David Bainbridge

Construct a Dirt Catchment for Harvesting Surface Runoff by Daniel Howell

Harvest Water With Microcatchments by Dan Howell

Land Restoration A Watershed Perspective by Randall Gray

Sponge Ladders A Water Harvesting Method for Establishing Perimeter Shelterbelts on Sloped Sites by Chris Meuli

The Man Who Farms Water by Brad Lancaster