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Natural Building: Permaculture Approach

What if the design and construction of a building could improve the ecological health of the ecosystem where it is sited? This is what permaculture strives to do through architectural design and siting of homes and structures. Everything gardens in permaculture, and built structures create their own microclimate, divert winds, cast shadows, increase heat island effect, reduce site permeability. Siting and designing a building a major contributing element of human ecosystem is one of our goals. Another one is to work with existing structures to bring forth their potential as contributing part of an ecosystem.

rainwater harvesting building

Using natural and local materials, permaculture helps you design and build structures that are both strikingly beautiful and sustainable. Permaculture has a solid foundation in climate specific design, using biological resources before technological solutions; designed structures often use the sun for heating, and breezes and vegetation for cooling. A permaculture-designed building might feature a wind blocking woodlot to assist in heat retention (through slowing wind speeds) and heat generation (through firewood), or a pond on the sun side to reflect sunlight indoors reducing needs for heating and lighting.

Understanding of building energy efficiency and climate-appropriate design allows for remodel of existing structures to reduce their ecological impact and resource use.


Read more about our own demonstration site and our own permaculture house for cold mountain climate here.

Below are links to the past issues of the Permacuture Drylands Magazine – Sustainable Living in Drylands (1986-1996) on the subject of Building, Site Design and Natural Living.  Please keep in mind that all articles reflect the values of the authors and illustrators, as well as the time periods in which they were written.

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