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Rainwater Harvesting

In permaculture we strive to design landscapes that absorb rainwater. That approach is not only a good idea for dry climates, but is also very important in places with plentiful moisture. Rainwater is best maximized when allowed to infiltrate into the soil. There it is available to plants, is naturally cleansed and filtered by soil biology, and enters the groundwater to enrich the hydrological cycle.

Rainwater harvesting is an alternative to designing our outdoor environments to shed runoff, where it rushes down hillsides, streets, and roadways, causing erosion and carrying pollution directly into waterways. Rainwater harvesting can be practiced by channeling runoff through earthworks into the soil, or capturing runoff from roofs or other hard surfaces to be stored in cisterns. The former is simpler and less costly; the latter allows you to have access to running water during dry spells.

Below are links to the past issues of the Permacuture Drylands Magazine – Sustainable Living in Drylands on the subject of water harvesting.  For information on broadscale watershed restoration and erosion prevention, please go here. Please keep in mind that all articles reflect the values of the authors and illustrators, as well as the time periods in which they were written.

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