Scott Pittman – Director Emeritus/Co-Founder – Santa Fe, NM, USA

Scott is one of the foremost teachers of Permaculture in the world. He’s taught the Permaculture discipline extensively on four continents for over 30 years. Scott co-taught with Bill Mollison on courses around the world for many years, and helped establish the Permaculture movement in the United States. His experience includes working with Indigenous and traditional people worldwide, designing thousand-acre farms and ranches, and co-founding a groundbreaking ethical banking institution in the Permaculture Credit Union.

Scott represents a connection to the beginnings of Permaculture, having taught thousands, and formed foundational institutions for the movement. He cares deeply about promoting the highest standards of Permaculture practice. Read more of Scott’s story…

Jason Gerhardt – Director/President – Saint Louis, MO, USA

Jason serves as Director of the Permaculture Institute Inc., and is sought out for his design and education approach that equips people around the world to lead in their own communities.

For nearly two decades, Jason has professionally applied ecological design in diverse environments from the hyper-arid US Southwest to underserved neighborhoods in North St. Louis to a refugee community in Central America to the middle of fields, forests, and suburbia. Jason’s portfolio includes higher education campus planning, regenerative agriculture site development, organizational strategizing, food justice initiatives, and extensive work with conservation organizations including The Nature Conservancy. Jason has taught thousands of students for Naropa University, University of Colorado, the US EPA, and Oregon State University, among dozens of other private and public institutions. A developer of multiple land-based enterprises for community development, he holds a BA in Sustainable Design, as well as Diplomas in the fields of Permaculture Design, Education, and Research.

Jason’s passion is at the nexus of the natural world and human culture. A Zen practitioner of over 20 years, he applies a keen awareness of ecosystems, society, and self to his transformative work connecting people to all of life. Read more of Jason’s story…

Dr. Roslynn Brain McCann – Board Member/Author – Moab, UT, USA

Roslynn is an Associate Professor, Sustainable Communities Extension Specialist in the Department of Environment and Society at Utah State University (USU). She directs the USU Permaculture Initiative and co-directs Moab Bee Inspired Gardens, a network of pollinator-friendly, water-harvesting, perennial food and forage gardens throughout Moab, Utah. Roslynn designed and built a straw bale, passive solar, 100% electric, earthen plaster, permaculture-inspired home in Moab, UT with her husband in a walking/biking only urban neighborhood. Her home is also the first legal residential greywater home in the state of Utah and her total monthly energy bill is $8.87 – the grid connection fee.

Roslynn’s passion for enacting positive change stems from prior experience in industrial agriculture, where she began questioning the environmental and personal health impacts of pesticide applications and mono-cropping.

Delvin Solkinson – Diploma Program Coordinator – British Columbia, Canada

Delvin is a community gardener dedicated to bringing creativity to the Permaculture movement by creating free open source learning and teaching tools. He has taught Permaculture Design for more than 15 years and developed core curriculum notes and core concepts cards to support other teachers. Delvin has taken a PDC, Diploma and Masters Degree with Bill Mollison and done advanced studies with many masters and maestras of the Permaculture movement including intensive learning with Larry Santoyo, Rosemary Morrow, Toby Hemenway and Looby Macnamara. Interested in plants with a history of use by First Peoples, Delvin’s love of the natural world is shared through garden design as well as magazine articles and all manner of media. Read more of Delvin’s story…

Bill Mollison (1928-2016) – In Memoriam – Co-Founder

Bill Mollison got this whole thing going from co-originating the field of Permaculture with David Holmgren to co-founding our institute with Scott Pittman.  The whole of the Permaculture community is indebted to him for the legacy he left behind.  His tome Permaculture: A Designers’ Manual is still unsurpassed.  While unconventional and sometimes crude, his wild wisdom continues to create incredibly positive change all over the Earth today.

Toby Hemenway (1952-2016) – In Memoriam – Field Director

Toby generously served The Permaculture Institute as a Field Director for many years and was one of the most significant contributors to the Permaculture discipline worldwide. Toby received his first Permaculture Design Course certificate from Bill Mollison and Scott Pittman. Intellectually rigorous and warm, the author of the #1 best-selling Permaculture book Gaia’s Garden, as well as The Permaculture City and numerous illuminating articles, Toby’s articulate voice and sincere friendship is missed throughout the world.

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